About Jerrys Texas Jerky

Years ago, I bought a $5 dehydrator at a church rummage sale. I had been eating jerky for years while hunting and camping. I enjoyed the traditional salty flavor, reminiscent of what my forefathers would have had out on the trail or in the old hunting camps. I found a recipe and started making jerky. It was ok. Then, one day, I didn't have the right ingredients for the usual recipe, so I made up my own. As I shared my jerky with friends and family, I started hearing things like, "Wow, this is great! You should sell it." That's when I began the journey to Jerry's Texas Jerky.

I asked a producer, who makes jerky for some of my competitors, to try mine and give me his honest opinion if he thought it was any good. This was his reply, "Heck yeah, it's good. I've gotten so used to all these wet, sugary jerkies that we do for people. It's nice to have a traditional jerky again."

I hope you will also enjoy the traditional flavor of my jerky. Thank you for your business!!

"We don't rent pigs!"

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