About the Famous “Jerry” of Jerry’s Jerky

James (Jerry) Williams, President, Owner, and Founder of Jerry’s Texas Jerky, started the company years ago after purchasing a $5 dehydrator at a church rummage sale. This quickly sparked a passion for creating homemade jerky, which Jerry happily made and handed out to his family and friends. His community was in awe of the delicious jerky, and encouraged Jerry to introduce his product to the world. He decided to take the leap, and since then, created a jerky empire – even adding several new flavors to the mix!

Before Jerry’s Jerky, Jerry worked in a family insurance business for 25 years. He also started a small construction company and worked part-time for his church. Today, he is happy to be doing his dream job – making jerky! Jerry established his process and recipe for Texas jerky and now shares responsibility for quality control, sales, and marketing with his brother-in-law, Bronson.

Jerry married Diana Lewis in 1986 and was blessed with three wonderful children. They have one son, Jerrod, and two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica. Jennifer is married to Craig Oakes, and they have two boys, Remington and Colton, and Jessica is married to Josh Millican. Jerry loves spending time with his family—sharing, laughing, and making the tastiest jerky around!

Jerry’s Motto: “My Dad always told me: It's not a good deal unless it’s good for everybody!”